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Search Engine Optimization

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What Is Search Engine Optimization?​

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the optimization of a website to increase its position for specific keywords searched on the internet. Depending on the increase in position for the search result, website traffic can substantially increase. It is important to note that real SEO is not a short-term method to increase business and is a long-term strategy used by businesses who have goals of increasing revenue with the lowest acquisition cost over time. SEO is usually one of many customer acquisition strategies used by businesses and works best when used with other marketing efforts. Something about expereicnce matter The good news is at Auctus Creative has worked in some of the most competitive niches on the internet and knows exactly what is takes to make it to the top of search engines Google and Bing.

Search Engine Optimization Foundations

There are many aspects to SEO but some fundamentals never change. Analyzing your competitors and own business, finding out what your customers are searching, creating unique engaging content and optimizing your site for performance and usability are just a few of the core SEO foundations we practice here at Auctus Creative.

Keyword Research & Strategy

Industry & Competitor Analysis

Content Development

On-Page Optimizations

Quality Link Building

Performance Analysis

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Real Search Engine Optimization

All SEO services are NOT EQUAL… 

Businesses are unique and so is the level of competition for organic search. An SEO strategy and budget can vary wildly depending on the service or product offered a long with location. Many agencies offering SEO will provide prebuilt packages promising to rank your business for a certain amount of keywords and so on. This almost always ends with an unhappy client and a defensive agency. 

Outside most agencies offering cookie cutter SEO packages, another issue is if the SEO being performed is active SEO or passive SEO.

Active SEO


Passive SEO

Why SEO Is Important

Control Acquisition Costs

New business acquisition cost aren’t dictated by advertising platforms who can have complete control over their cost.

Increases Credibility & Build Trust

Business who rank organically have more trust and credibility with customers.

Best Acquisition Cost Long Term
Though initially SEO efforts are costly with little return since it’s not immediate, being at the top of search results lowers your cost of new customers over time as it’s the cheapest acquisition method.

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